About Us

We are able to produce the greatest project results because our team of architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, and sanitary and mechanical engineers works together to address architectural and structural difficulties. Because of our team’s collaboration, the best project results are achieved when architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, and sanitary and mechanical engineers handle architectural and structural issues. Creating a safe, structurally sound, and aesthetically beautiful design depends heavily on the interdisciplinary collaboration between these experts. The environment and aesthetics are taken into account as architects prepare the overall layout of the project. Engineers that specialize in structural design evaluate the material’s strength and calculate the structure’s stability to create a safe design. The project’s lighting and wiring are both handled by electrical engineers. To make sure that all building occupants are comfortable, sanitary and mechanical engineers take into the account water supply, drainage systems, and HVAC systems.

One of the top integrated design suppliers is Duharka engineering PLC! Architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, and sanitary engineers all contribute to our architectural firm. With a passion for design, our team of professionals works to develop ground-breaking, long-lasting solutions.


To develop a smooth design process, we are aware of how crucial it is to combine engineering and architecture. In order to meet and surpass our client’s expectations, we are dedicated to offering them the best solutions we can. Our team of specialists collaborates to make sure the project is finished on schedule and within budget, starting with the initial concept and continuing all the way through to completion.


We are pleased to display our accomplishments and are proud of our standing as a pioneer in integrated design. Over the years, we have received countless awards and accolades because of our love of design and dedication to developing ground-breaking solutions. From modest homes to huge business complexes, we have worked on a range of projects. Since we began in 2017, our team of skilled professionals has continuously delivered the highest levels of design and engineering.

Our Vision

To be the best at serving society by creating engineering knowledge and educating engineers for dynamic and global careers.

Our Mission

Serve the nation and the world by providing Engineering services with talented, broadly educated engineers, conducting high-quality research, developing breakthrough technologies, and disseminating and preserving technical knowledge.

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